Ride, Eat, Shop, Watch and Play at Tokyo Dome City!

If you thought Tokyo Dome City just consisted of a baseball stadium like I did, then you will be pleasantly surprised like I was. Tokyo Dome City is actually a mega entertainment complex which also includes an amusement park complete with a genuinely scary roller-coaster, LaQua (a hot spring spa complex), shopping center, restaurants, hotel, and even a space museum.

Using JAPANiCAN’s newly on sale Tokyo Dome City 4 Attractions + TeNQ ticket set, we spent the day exploring this entertainment complex with a funky retro vibe in Bunkyo Ward.


Getting There

The closest station is Suidobashi Station which is located on the JR Chuo Line and Toei Mita Subway Line. From there, you can’t miss the towering roller-coaster and Ferris wheel, and it’s only a short walk to the entrance gate.

It can also be reached on foot from Korakuen Station on the Marunouchi and Namboku Subway Lines, and Kasuga Station on the Toei Oedo Subway Line.

Exchanging the pass

If you purchase the ticket set from JAPANiCAN, you will need to go the lobby of Tokyo Dome Hotel with your email confirmation and exchange it for the actual pass that is valid inside the amusement park. It’s fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take much time.


The Amusement Park

Unlike Tokyo Disneyland or USJ or other major global theme parks, you don’t pay a set entrance fee and ride/play any attraction you want. You can buy a pass which allows unlimited rides for the day, but you can also enter freely and pay for each ride individually (prices range from JPY 420~JPY 1,030). The pass from JAPANiCAN allows you to ride any 4 attractions and get admission to the space museum for just JPY 3,000. Not a bad deal at all.

There are around 25 different attractions, for all ages and thrill-seeker levels. We tried 5 of the most popular rides.


Thunder Dolphin

Without a doubt the highlight of the park, this intense roller-coaster with a sheer drop soars through the world’s first hubless ferris wheel as well as the shopping center building.


Sky Flower

Simulating the experience of falling with a parachute, it isn’t as scary as it looks. The drop is actually quite pleasant and you can see Tokyo Skytree from the top! Seems to be a popular ride with schoolgirls.



The Big O Ferris Wheel

A 15-minute ferris wheel which offers expansive views of the area as well as the screaming faces of those riding the Thunder Dolphin.

Water Drop

Pretty self-explanatory. Prepare to get a little wet on the 13-meter-high dive.


Haunted House

Get a real taste of Japanese horror. What I really liked about this particular Haunted House is that there’s a story to it, and the story apparently changes periodically so you can keep going back for the scares. The day we went, the theme as “Letter from Hell”, and we had to enter the Haunted House to deliver a letter from a dead woman.




TeNQ Space Museum

Also on the grounds, located on the 6F of the Yellow Building, is a pretty neat Space Museum. Allow 1-2 hours here to enjoy fully. It is famous for its Space Theater Sora, which features a 11m diameter circular screen on the floor to create an immersive sensation of looking down onto earth (photos not allowed).

When you enter, you are led through a dark tunnel to a starting room with a projection mapping presentation, and then to the Theater Sora. All of it lasts around 30 mins. After that, you can proceed freely to the hands-on learning sections, including ‘What Space Entity Are You?’. The day we visited there was also a Europa special exhibit running. The museum store can be visited before entering or before exiting.




Food & Shopping

Tokyo Dome also offers a wide selection of reputable restaurants, including Shunpu Banri, which serves Japanese teishoku set meals, and Morizumi Kitchen, a famous ramen chain.

For those with a sweet tooth, Hattendo is apparently famous amongst locals for its cream rolls.

The shopping center includes world popular chain stores like MUJI, UNIQLO and Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Tokyo Dome is a convenient and economical day out for those who want release their inner child without having to splurge or spend long times waiting in line.

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