Top 5 Japanese retreats perfect for couples!

If you’re hesitant about entering into a large communal hot spring and are looking for something a little more secluded, you might be interested in ryokan that provide private hot springs for couples. Below we will introduce you ryokan that offer private bathing plans so you can choose a location that is right for you.



When booking this accommodation, we recommend the following plan:Soy Milk Hot Pot with Wheat-fed Japanese Pork Dinner + Private Open-air View Bath Use Plan click here

Located in an elevated area in Gora, Hakone this Japanese-style inn was refurbished in April 2013 and offers fantastic views of Japan’s beautiful scenery. Guests staying at this accommodation can enjoy private open air baths and the inn’s popular vegetable kaiseki-cuisine. In addition, a foot bath terrace and luxury massage chairs are also available for guests. With only a two minute walk from Naka-goura Station to the accommodation, access is also extremely convenient.

Please be aware that all rooms are non-smoking


Sora Togetsuso Kinryu

We recommend the following plan for guests staying at this accommodation:Private Bath Session Gourmet Kaiseki Course Dinner Plan click here

Located in Izu, Shizuoka (Shuzenji) Sora Togetsuso Kinryu is a Japanese-style inn that is extremely popular for its open air baths. For more of a secluded experience, private bath rental is also possible and rooms with baths that command superb views of the surroundings are also available. For the perfect autumn leaves experience, why not take a stroll in the on-site Japanese style garden which boasts 15000 square meters of land and is the ideal location for appreciating the subtle beauties of Japan’s autumn season. In the evening, these same surroundings are lit up in what is an exquisite illumination that demonstrates the beauty of nature like you’ve never seen before.


Arai Ryokan

When staying at this ryokan we recommend the following plan: Monthly Kaiseki Course Dinner + Free Private Bath Session Plan click here

Built in 1873, the majority of this building is recognized as a National Cultural Asset. The Tempyo-style design of its baths, based upon designs from the Tempyo era, is this inn’s point of attraction and is popular with guests from far and wide. It is also popular for its flowing hot springs that draw their waters from a natural hot spring source and private, reservable baths which received a renewal in January 2015.


Akiu Spa Hotel Iwanumaya

We recommend the following plan when booking:Natural Hot Spring Bath Session 50% Off Discount Plan click here

Akiu Spa Hotel Iwanumaya is a perfect location for appreciating the beauty of the autumnal scenery. This Japanese-style inn offers open-air and private hot spring baths and the hotel surroundings are a perfect infusion of traditional Japan and the modernity of current day. This inn also offers delicious seasonal cuisine so you can enjoy the finest foods after soothing in the hot baths. Located in the Akui hot spring resort, approximately 30 minutes way from JR Sendai Station, Akui Spa Hotel Iwanumaya is a traditional Japanese-style hotel that boasts a 400 year history.


Tsuruya Hotel

When booking this accommodation we recommend the following plan:Japanese Dinner with Teppanyaki-grilled Zao Beef + Free Private Bath Session Plan click here

Located in front of the Zao Onsen bus terminal, the Zao mountain range in the Yamagata Prefecture can be viewed from every one of the hotel’s rooms. Because it uses a natural source for its hot spring waters, this hotel is able to deliver baths with free flowing water as well as four different types of private bath. It also provides a large open air bath separate for men and women