Use Wi-Fi to enjoy the streets of Takayama even more!

Recently, the areas in Japan that offer free Wi-fi services have been increasing quite a bit. However, the truth is such hotspots are still not as plentiful as they are overseas.


Takayama is a popular destination for tourists. In order for these tourists to be able to enjoy their vacations in Hida more comfortably, a free Wi-Fi Internet service has been launched.


This symbol with the words “Free Wi-Fi Takayama” marks areas in which the service can be used. Connections can be made to the Wi-Fi service wherever this symbol is found.

Takayama Wifi
At first glance, the wave-like mark found on this symbol appears to represent radio waves. However, this is actually the “seigaiha” (blue wave) symbol used during the Edo period at places such as the entrance of Takayama Jinya, an area in which government buildings, housing, and warehouses were found.


During the Edo era, use of this symbol of authority could be granted only by the Tokugawa Shogunate family. Takayama was the region ruled directly by the Tokugawa Shogunate, so use of the symbol was revived as the free Wi-Fi symbol of the area.


Another feature of this service is that during emergencies, information about disasters is sent by email in English. Information on events is also sent out in a timely manner.


Usable Areas

The service is provided from 12 different areas. Connections can be made in the central area of Takayama city.


Covered areas center around popular tourist destinations like Furui Machinami (the old streets) Higashiyama Temple, Shiroyama Park, JR Takayama Station, Shimaninomachi, the Takayama Jinya and Miyagawa morning markets, and the Hida no Sato gasshozukuri (traditional housing) area.


Takayama Wifi

How to Connect

  1. Use a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or notebook PC to select SSID Free_Wi-Fi_takayama.
  2. After completing an online survey, you will receive an ID and password by email.
  3. Input this ID and password to connect to the service.
    (*The service can be used for free for up to a week.)


The amount comfort one feels in a new area is related to whether or not information can be accessed. The ability to access information in real-time through the Internet will make your vacation more fun and comfortable!



Takayama Overseas Strategy Office
Telephone: 0577-35-3346


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