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  1. Michal Yalon says:

    Hi, am interested in touring Kyushu natural highlights, for 5-6 days as of Sept 5th
    Pleases send me a detailed response
    Michal Yalon

  2. Michal Yalon says:

    Looked up your tours but did not find one that goes to Takachiho gorge and to Mt Oslo ,
    If u do have one starting at Fukuoka or another city in Kyushu please send me the detailed plan so I can book it on line
    Please send the exact price since I am traveling bymyself.
    I plan to be in Fukuoka as of Sept 10th
    Michal Yalon

  3. archna singh says:

    Hi, I want to know if you offer customized package (including stay and tours) for 7 nights Or if you have any such standard package already available with you?
    I plan to visit at Sep end this year with my husband.


  4. christina Lim says:

    Hello, when will your 2018 travel schedule be available. I am interested in the Easter Hokkaido Bus Tour which was available in February 2017.

  5. christina Lim says:

    I am referring to the Sunrise Tours Free&Easy Japan. Those multi-day tours listed on Japanican requires too many “transfers” and it will be difficult when we are travelling with big luggages during the winter season.

  6. Amelia Chong says:


    I am visiting Tokyo with my family and we wish to visit Tokyo Disneyland on either 22, 23 or 24 December 2017. We need tickets for 6 adults and 5 children, all over 4 years old. Are you able to help us get tickets? If yes, please let me know prices and which day you can get tickets for.

    Many thanks.

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