Last-minute Tour Bookings

Are you coming to Japan soon and need a hand with your sightseeing during your trip? Are you already in Japan and need something to do in the next few days?? Have no fear! Many of our customers decide to join our tours just before coming or after already landing in Japan.

To make this process easier, here’s a list of some of our most popular tours in top destinations that offer easy online booking as few as three days in advance!

Where to?

Mt. Fuji & Hakone

Pictured: Mt. Fuji and Hakone’s Scenic Lake Ashi

Our most popular tour is also one of the easiest to book! Don’t miss your chance to visit the iconic Mt. Fuji and take in the natural beauty of Hakone.

• Departing Tokyo, Round-trip by Motorcoach

• Departing Tokyo, Return by Bullet Train

• Departing Tokyo, No Return (Ends at Odawara Station)

• Departing Tokyo, No Return (Ends at Hakone Yumoto Station)


Pictured: Beautifully Adorned Nikko Toshogu Shrine

This mountainous oasis north of Tokyo is known for its verdant landscapes, historical sites, and a handful of beautiful waterfalls.

• Full-day Tours

Bullet Train

Pictured: Japan’s Cutting-edge Shinkansen Bullet Train

Japan’s high-speed rail system whisks passengers to all corners of the country in convenience and comfort. Now available exclusively on is the E-Voucher for “Bullet Train Open Ticket Packages” from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka!

These bargain packages include discount round-trip bullet train tickets that can be used for just a one-day trip or up to seven days for those looking to spend some time in Kyoto or Osaka.

The E-Voucher becomes valid upon purchase, so just print out your confirmation, exchange it for tickets, and you’re on your way! (Please carefully read the conditions and required documents at the booking pages linked below.)

• Discount Non-reserved Seating Round-trip Bullet Train from Tokyo

If you would like reserved seat tickets AND accommodations included, check out our extremely popular Train & Hotel Packages! Please note that these packages must be booked at least a week in advance, but if you have some leeway to plan ahead, the savings are phenomenal!

• Discount Reserved Seating Bullet Train from Tokyo