Top 4 ryokan for the ultimate onsen and autumn leaves experience!

When planning a trip to Japan why not experience the best of both worlds by selecting hotels and ryokan that let you enjoy beautiful autumn leaves and fabulous hot springs at the same time.

Due to its volcanically active nature Japan has thousands of hot springs scattered around the country, however searching for that perfect place that has both character and charm can be time consuming to say the least. That is why we would like to introduce you to four places that are guaranteed to leave you coming back for more. Firstly if you intend on setting out from Tokyo, we recommend Takaragawa hot springs located in Gunma Prefecture which, due to its famous baths that have beautiful views of nature, has gained much popularity over the years. It has even featured in television and magazine advertisements. Another hot spring we highly recommend is Hoshi hot spring with traditional wooden interior and a building that has alluring characteristics.
Anyone thinking about a trip to the Kyushu area should check out Kurokawa Onsen, which is without a doubt one of Kyushu’s most attractive hot spring towns.  Located inside this area can be found popular traditional ryokan such as Sanga and Oku no Yu which sit quietly amongst the serenity of nature, only approximately 20 kilometers north of Mt. Aso. Many years ago the large communal baths of present day were non-existent. Rather, spots where natural hot springs formed were used. The concept of separate male and female bathing didn’t exist either. However with the commercialization of the onsen industry came the need for separate bathing. Nevertheless, while some elements have changed, what remains the same is the onsen culture of old and the abundant natural surroundings. Mixed bathing hot springs that lets you enjoy the autumn leaves.

Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku

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This highly popular hot spring is isolated deep in the mountains and is located in Osenkaku, standing on the upper stream of Tone River. Surrounded by nature, this hot spring resort has a large selection of outdoor baths. It also boasts large mixed gender baths along the river which take on a distinctively different atmosphere with the change of the seasons.  It has a total of three different mixed-gender open air baths as well as a female only bathing area.For peace of mind, bathing attire is provided for women entering the mixed-gender open air baths.

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan

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Hoshi Onsen Chojukan is a one of a kind “secret hot spring” located inside of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. The inn is famous for its large communal bath that retains traditional features from Japan’s Meiji era and has been registered as a tangible cultural property.Its hot spring waters are 100% naturally sourced, with mineral rich water seeping up from the crevices of the bath’s rocks. The setting is also quite spectacular with wooded slopes all around. This combined with the fantastic views of nature makes it the perfect retreat for anyone wanting to get the most out of their Japanese onsen experience. Whilst this inn is mixed gender bathing, women-only bathing is also available at specific times. At dinner time why not enjoy some authentic Japanese sake (rice wine) with a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner of kaiseki-cuisine.

Ryokan Okunoyu

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Situated in the mountains in the Kurokawa Onsen district and surrounded by nature, this traditional Japanese inn has eight types of private hot spring baths.  It also provides dishes to boast about with its high-class creative cuisine that makes use of the freshest seasonal ingredients. Visitors to this ryokan can enjoy a wide variety of baths including mixed gender bathing and a river-style hot spring. Open air baths can be reserved for families in three different locations at this ryokan, making it the perfect place to bring along the kids.

Ryokan Sanga

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Sanga ryokan is located in a secluded area of the Kurokawa onsen disctrict. It is an inn nestled amongst nature and visitors will be astounded by its beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons. It also has two natural hot springs sources which provide high quality warm water to its all its baths. But with a visit to Sanga ryokan, it’s not just hot springs that guests can look forward to. Kaiseki cuisine that makes use of fresh in season ingredients provides a delicious dining experience. In addition to the large communal bath area, there is also a mixed bathing area as well.