Tokyo Sumo Tournament in January!

An epic struggle between two top division wrestlers

Start 2015 off with a bang — or smash, if you will — with sumo in Tokyo!

January each year marks the Hatsu Basho, the first Grand Sumo Tournament of the new year. These titans of the earthen ring descend on Tokyo for 15 consecutive days with the top ranking wrestlers doing battle for the Emperor’s Cup. This year’s Hatsu Basho runs from Jan 11 to Jan 25 at the Kokugikan sumo arena in Tokyo’s Ryogoku.

Tokyo Sumo

Sumo wrestlers in the top division line up before the day’s bouts

Seats can be hard to come by, but we have you covered with our popular Sumo Tour! Not only does joining this tour guarantee you seats at the tournament, but it also includes pick-up service from major hotels around Tokyo and guide service provided by one of our passionate, knowledgeable guides to make sure your sumo experience is both fun and informative.

Tokyo Sumo

The dohyo, the sumo ring, in a packed Kokugikan on a tournament day

Ever wondered how the rikishi (sumo wrestlers) get so big and strong? The traditional staple of every rikishi’s diet is a hearty hot pot stew called chanko nabe, and if you would like to get a literal taste of the sumo life yourself, there is a special version of the tour including a chanko dinner after the tournament at a popular chank restaurant near the arena!

Tokyo Sumo

Don’t worry; you won’t be expected to eat as much as a wrestler

Tournament days in January are already selling out, so book while there are still open seats!

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