The journey begins with MANGA!!

JTB Global Marketing & Travel, parent company of, is proud to present a brand new app for your smartphone. The app introduces you to a variety of Japan travel information in a unique way: as manga! This fun new way to get useful info in comic format is conveniently linked with so that you can go right from reading to booking. The app is also completely free!

Special offers and promotions are also in the works, so stay tuned!

Manga Guidebook specially made for visitors from overseas, with sightseeing info, foodie tips and much more!
The Culture Corner helps you avoid potentially confusing or awkward situations by showing you the ropes beforehand through manga!

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Meet the Charactor

Sukiyaki Red

Leader of Nekodama.
Despite his peaceful looks, he carries strong passion within, which can be extremely annoying at times.
His “generosity” may appear reluctant when he goes overboard.
Strong on: Generally Anything

Takoyaki Blue

A samurai.
Strict on manners and etiquettes, he will go up to any stranger and start lecturing if something strikes his chord.
He is often cold-shouldered for his long, fatherly preaches.
Strong on: Manners and Etiquettes

Okonomiyaki Green

A Ninja freak. Currently learning ninja skills through a correspondence course. His ninja knowledge comes mostly from Japanese manga.
Despite his ninja-like looks, he cannot use any special ninja power. However, due to his extraordinary physical performance and knowledge of the martial arts, nobody doubts him for a real ninja.
Strong on: Sports

Taiyaki Yellow

A gourmand.
His conscious almost entirely consists of appetite.
He has eaten various delicacies all over Japan, and has profound knowledge on anything culinary.
Strong on: Food and Beverages

Imagawayaki Black

A typical Japanese businessman.
Prompt, strict on manners, and very respectful, especially to the elderly. He is an expert on public transportation networks, an essential skill of punctual Japanese businessmen.
He can’t help but saying the phrase “I will discuss it with my boss”, even if it’s a trivial matter.
Strong on: Transportation Information

Mechanical Kitty

A special vehicle dedicated to the Nekodama.
The eyes become headlights when necessary.
Whiskers and the tail are the sensors that detect both noise and smell.
The legs extend long, but are not practical.
Often mistaken for a multi-rider, but is actually a single-seated vehicle.

App store qr code
google play qr code