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JTB Sunrise Tours is all about helping you explore the country of Japan. From ninja to sushi to world heritage sites to even discount tickets, it is a company that commits itself to increasing global awareness of Japan as a travel destination. Its dedication to this cause has paid off immensely. Since JTB Sunrise Tours was founded over 52 years ago, it has assisted more than six million tourists and business people in their travel through the Land of the Rising Sun. Won’t you let it serve you next?
Sunrise Tours prides itself on being the world’s top prearranged package tour specialist for visitors to Japan, offering traditional English-speaking tours and free-plan package plans to major tourist destinations within Japan. Its free-plan packages are especially a treat, offering accommodation and transportation to popular destinations within Japan for often cheaper than the list price of the transportation itself. The company also takes reservations from groups and individuals for private chartered versions of its tours.


JTB Sunrise Tours History

JTB was originally founded in 1912 on the premise of promoting travel to Japan by overseas visitors. In 1964, in conjunction with the opening of the Tokyo Olympics and Japan’s main Shinkansen (bullet train) line, JTB decided to establish Sunrise Tours in 1964. Since then, it has been helping visitors from around the world navigate through Japan.


Sunrise Tours Timeline

1912 Japan Tourist Bureau (JTB) is founded in cooperation between the government and the private sector to promote travel to Japan by travelers from overseas.
1964 Sunrise Tours is created in March 1964.
1968 In October 1968, sales of Sunrise Tours Orient begin.
1972 Sunrise Tours begins its first series of multi-language bus tour, the Sunrise Polygot Tour.
1984 In April 1984, Sunrise Tours serves more than 3 million customers.
1989 The Kansai Sunrise Center opens. In July, Sunrise Tours reaches the 4 million customer mark.
2001 In August 2001, sales of Sunrise’s multi-language Moderno Classico tour series begin.
2003 In May 2003, Sunrise begins sales of its Shinkansen accommodation and rail packages (the Shinkansen Tours).
2005 JTB Global Marketing and Travel is established. Sunrise Tours develops a special Shinkansen tour for the Aichi World Fair.
2007 Sunrise Tours develops Hands-On Japan, a tour series allowing customers the chance to experience Japanese culture including traditional tea ceremonies, ninja and samurai, and sushi.


Sunrise Tours takes the environment very seriously. It realizes that green tourism begins with the little things. Instead of allowing its buses to idle their engines between sightseeing points, polluting the air with CO2, Sunrise Tours has its drivers turn off the engines. It also prints all of its tour brochures on recycled paper with Soy Ink and has recently included two new tours to its tour lineup, focusing on exploring the environmental aspects of Japan.


Sunrise’s Commitment to Green Tourism

Sunrise Tours’ parent company JTB Global Marketing & Travel is committed to promoting cultural exchange through travel to Japan and contributes to the development of local societies and travel related organizations. Global Marketing & Travel aims to ensure that Japan’s natural environment, and historical and cultural heritage are passed on to future generations by creating tours providing you with the opportunity to discover and learn about the country of Japan.