Anime & Washoku Festival in Tokyo Nov 13 – 22!

Hokuto no Ken (First of the North Star)



Tokyo will be holding events in Musashino and Mitaka (West Tokyo) with anime and Japanese cuisine as well as free trial walking tours (lunch included!). The events will take place during the period from November 13th – 22nd at the 3 venues Sora Zenon, CafĂ© Hi Famiglia, and Picos. They will feature classics of Japanese anime and manga such as Gatchaman, Hokuto no Ken (First of the North Star), MACH GO GO GO (Speed Racer), City Hunter (Nicky Larson), Wish Upon the Pleiades, and Joshiraku.


MACH GO GO GO (Speed Racer)



City Hunter (Nicky Larson)






Wish Upon the Pleiades






Free trial walking tours (again, lunch included!!) held on November 15th (Sun.), 21st (Sat.), and 22nd (Sun.) with 4 courses including not only anime and manga but also traditional Japanese cultural experiences (Kabuki, calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc.) and Japanese cuisine (washoku), which you can enjoy while interacting with Japanese volunteer guides.



Udon and Tempura


Traditional Japanese Cuisine


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