Experience the Beauty of Autumn at Great Prices!

Experience the best of Japan this autumn with accommodation that offers majestic views of Japan’s autumn leaves. Booking accommodation early means that you can make substantial savings on the original price. The best part is that all the hotels and ryokan featured below include the finest hot springs around so you can go away feeling truly reinvigorated after your stay. Come with us as we introduce you to accommodation that you will wish you had found sooner!

Green Plaza Hakone

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This popular hot spring resort is famous in the Hakone region for its spectacular scenery. It boasts amazing views from its rooms of Mt.Fuji and superb in-room open-air baths. As it’s name suggests, the ryokan is located in extremely lush, green surroundings. When booking, you can choose from either Japanese or Western style rooms, with the option to accommodate up to 5 people at a time. This makes it the perfect location for a family vacation With convenient access not only to your accommodation but also local sightseeing spots and free pick-up to and from the local art museum, guests can take part in a variety of activities during their stay. Dinner consists of either buffet-style shabu-shabu or sushi. Whichever you decide upon you can savor the delights of fine Japanese cuisine until your heart’s content. In the morning, guests can also look forward to a buffet style breakfast that includes 30 different types of dishes.



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Located only two hours from Tokyo in the Minakami onsen area of Gunma Prefecture, guests to this hotel can enjoy the soothing properties of the open-air baths while taking in the beautiful views of the surrounding mountain area. There’s also a free pick-up bus service that runs from Minakami Station so your transport to and from the hotel is taken care of for you. In the evening why not indulge in the popular maguro (tuna) sushi buffet which is the talk of all who visit this fine class hotel.


Kagari Kisshotei

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Only one hour from Kanazawa, all rooms include stunning views of the nearby river. This ryokan is blessed with beautiful surroundings and the delicious bounty of both mountains and sea. Enjoy the fresh air of the forest or autumnal scenery or relax in style with the in-room or large open-air baths. All Japanese and Western rooms make use of Simmon’s bedding, a popular maker in Japan that is synonymous with the highest of quality.


Kissho Yamanaka

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A mere 1 hour from Kanazawa, this new Japanese style resort offers natural hot springs, a private and keiryu-style hot bath and an open-air bath in your room that will guarantee you the maximum level of pleasure during your stay. The view of the surrounding autumn scenery is also second to none.This resort is famous for its delicious teppanyaki which is highly appraised by its guests.



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Located in Unazuki onsen region, which is right next to Kurobe Valley, visitors to this traditional Japanese ryokan can look forward to spectacular scenery from every one of the hotel’s rooms. But that’s not all! The top class cuisine on offer will leave your mouth watering. This ryokan also has three different kinds of open-air baths, each providing superb views of the mountain stream. Access to the ryokan is a breeze, taking only about 3 minute by foot from Unazuki Onsen Station (Toyama Chiho Railway). If you’re thinking about a visit to this area why not make some considerable savings at the same time by booking this five star accommodation early via the link above.



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This Japanese ryokan has an exquisite interior that oozes traditional Japanese design and is located in the popular Okuhida Hot Spring Village. It also has excellent accessibility as well with buses running from Takayama station (60 minutes), Matsumoto Station (85 minutes) and Shinjuku. When arriving by bus, you should get off at Hirayu Onsen. From here it is only five minutes to the ryokan. Located deep within the Okuhida mountains, it is the perfect area to enjoy trekking in the mountains, admire the beautiful autumn scenery and savor the finest local Hida beef. After relaxing in the soothing hot springs why not enjoy a fresh cup of milk or try some ramen all free of charge!


Arashiyama Onsen Saishiki no Yado Hanaikada

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Arashiyama is Kyoto’s second most important sightseeing area and is a place that you want to check out if you’re thinking about heading to the Kansai area. Dotted with temples and shrines, Arashiyama draws in large crowds of visitors each year. This particular ryokan is proud of it open air baths that have stunning views of the local scenery that changes with the seasons and also of its top class cuisine. It forms the perfect location for visiting other famous sightseeing spots such as Togetsukyo Bridge, Minamihashia and Sagano. Taking just five minutes from Hankyu Arashi Station to your accommodation, you needn’t worry about juggling heavy luggage for long periods of time.