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Beppu Onsen's Suginoi Hotel: So much more than just a hot-spring resort

Beppu Onsen, Japan's quirky hot-spring home for over a millennium

Beppu, located in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, is said to have more hot spring waters than any other location in Japan. For over 1000 years, the area has been awash in sulfuric springs, producing bubbling pools and geysers of hot gasses, giving the entire area a wild appearance.

Locals come from all over Japan to see the steamy source waters of Beppu's famous onsen. Visiting all eight hot spring sources is known as the jigoku meguri, or "hell tour," named for the dramatic image of the sweltering springs. Although direct translation of Beppu's sights might not make it seem the most hospitable destination, the locals have discovered ways to entertain as well as offer the creature comforts of a world-class hot spring resort. Most striking among Beppu's eight springs are the cobalt blue waters of the "sea hell," the vivid red of the "blood pond hell," and the smoldering mud pits of the "monk's hell," creating a kind of eccentric onsen amusement park.

The eight springs of Beppu have each given rise to a number of hot spring inns, using the natural spring waters to offer the ultimate in relaxation. Lying on a hill above Beppu's scenic bay, the area around the Kankaiji spring is particularly famous for its inns. Nearby, from the heights of Mt. Tsurumi, it's possible to see all the way to the island of Shikoku. This lofty region is home to Suginoi Hotel.

Rooms at the Suginoi Hotel are divided between two buildings, the 14-story Hon-kan and the 13-story Hana-kan. A short walk from either building leads to the heart of Suginoi, its extensive bathhouse complex Tanayu. After relaxing in the warm spring waters, Suginoi still has much to offer, including a full array of treatments at its luxurious spa and all-weather excitement at The Aqua Garden.

Tanayu and The Aqua Garden, Suginoi's premiere open-air bath
Tanayu, Suginoi's premiere open-air bath

Among the many baths at Suginoi Hotel, attention is immediately drawn to Tanayu, with its tiered set of open-air baths spreading out before a magnificent view overlooking the Beppu night skyline below and bay beyond. The Tanayu bathhouse also features a variety of other baths, like its traditional wooden barrel baths, waterfall showers, and more.

The Tanayu bathhouse

Suginoi's other bathhouses include Midoriyu, accessible only to hotel lodgers, and Kazokuyu, a private bath reservable at the rate of JPY 2,500 for 45 minutes.

Click here for a desktop wallpaper of Tanayu's tiered baths!

The Aqua Garden (image)
Spa the Ceada, Luxurious treatments at Suginoi's spa
Suginoi's Spa the Ceada

Hotel guests can continue their relaxation at Suginoi's spa. Its unique courses include Japan's first Aromapressure® treatment, a unique technique introduced to Suginoi Hotel through a technical collaboration with Daniel Mardon, French therapist well-known for his "Hands of God" treatments. Suginoi's spa also offers a multitude of other treatments drawing on Beppu's rejuvenating hot spring waters and ceramic sand therapy, among other sensuous spa activities only found at Suginoi.

Multiple overall courses are available to help relax and detoxify the entire body, as well as targeted massage therapy to relieve specific areas of fatigue. Optional treatments like private flower baths and pair massages round out the services available. With beauty and comfort that will entice any guest, patrons of Suginoi's spa are in store for an amazing experience.

Spa the Ceada
Photo from left: lounge, bath hall for spa guests, sand therapy
Fun for the whole family

AQUABEAT is currently closed for mainenance and is unavailable at this moment.

Suginoi Hotel offers not only unique breathtaking views and soothing spa treatments, but fun activities for the entire family. Everyone is sure to enjoy the hotel's indoor pool "ACQUABEAT",with warm temperatures and perfect weather no matter what. Thrilling water slides, winding caves and many other exciting attractions are sure to please the kids!

Away from the water, there's still more to be discovered at Suginoi. The hotel features karaoke rooms, a full arcade, a stylish Japanese-style pub, and a high-tech bowling alley all within its grounds, making the hotel a place to experience Japan's contemporary culture as well!

a high-tech bowling alley

Of course, Suginoi also offers plenty of Beppu and Kyushu delicacies to take home at its gift shops, including an extensive selection of Kyushu's famous shochu.

gift shops

With other facilities on site like a 7-11, Suginoi Hotel is almost an entire town into itself.


The main buildings at Suginoi Hotel feature two types of rooms, standard Western-style twins and Japanese-style rooms with beds, which include standard twin beds and a tatami area.

Rooms marked with an ocean icon on JAPANiCAN have views out over Beppu's bay, and rooms with a mountain icon feature views of Mt. Tsurumi. The two main wings of Suginoi Hotel are actually listed as two separate hotels on JAPANiCAN. Here are the rooms you'll find inside!

The Hana-kan is located in the middle of Suginoi's facilities and has convenient access to all areas. The rooms have a luxurious atmosphere with a calming interior.

Sample Room: Japanese-style room with bed (Mountain side) Sample Room: Japanese-style room with bed (Ocean side)
Sample Room: Japanese-style room with bed (Mountain side) Sample Room: Japanese-style room with bed (Ocean side)

Suginoi Hotel's main wing, the Hon-kan, has the same basic room types as its sister Hana-kan. Breakfast and dinner in Suginoi's Hon-kan are buffet-style, with more than 40 kinds of Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes. Additionally, rooms listed as [Annex] on JAPANiCAN are located on the Hon-kan's "Good Time Floor," a special floor featuring wider living areas, gourmet meals served ensuite.

Sample Room: Japanese-style room with bed (Mountain or Ocean side) Sample Room: Twin
Sample Room: Japanese-style room with bed (Mountain or Ocean side)

Sample Room: Twin
Sample Room: The Good Time Floor [Annex] Sample Room: The Good Time Floor [Annex]
Sample Room: The Good Time Floor [Annex]

the buffet-style restaurant Seeds

the buffet-style restaurant Seeds
Breakfast and dinner served in the buffet-style restaurant "Seeds"

Rooms on Suginoi Hotel's Ceada Floor embody all the luxurious and relaxing qualities of their namesake spa, letting travelers stay in rooms decorated in either Oriental Modern or Natural Modern finishes. The Mountain View rooms are particularly impressive with their outdoor baths (separate from Suginoi's spring water) and commanding views of the surrounding greenery. Suginoi's Ceada Floor is perfect for a romantic vacation or a girls' spa getaway.

Sample Room: Oriental Modern Sample Room: Oriental Modern
Sample Room: Natual Modern Sample Room: Oriental Modern
Sample Room

* Ceada Floor rooms are listed under "Western Style Room"
* Ocean view rooms are available on a request basis. After completing your reservation, contact JAPANiCAN.com Customer Support with your request.

By Plane

From Tokyo: Haneda Airport to Oita Airport [1 hour 40 minutes]
From Nagoya: Nagoya Airport to Oita Airport [1 hour 15 minutes]
From Osaka: Itami Airport to Oita Airport [1 hour]

* From Oita Airport to Beppu Kitahama bus stop by Airliner bus [40 minutes]
* Suginoi Hotel is approximately 15 minutes by taxi from the Beppu Kitahama bus stop

By Train

From Fukuoka by JR Sonic Limited Express
Hakata Station -- Kokura Station -- Beppu Station [2 hours 30 minutes]
From Osaka by JR Nozomi Shinkansen Nozomi & JR Sonic Limited Express
Shin Osaka Station -- Kokura Station -- Beppu Station [3 hours 40 minutes]

* Suginoi Hotel is approximately 10 minutes from Beppu Station by free shuttle bus or taxi.
* Free Shuttle Bus Time Schedule [PDF: 74.2KB]

By Bus

From Fukuoka Airport by Toyonokuni highway bus
Fukuoka Airport International terminal -- Beppu Kitahama bus stop [1 hour 55 minutes]
From Downtown Fukuoka by Toyonokuni highway bus
Hakata Bus Center -- Tenjin Bus Center -- Beppu Kitahama bus stop [2 hours 25 minutes]
From Oita Airport by Airliner bus
Oita Airport -- Beppu Kitahama bus stop [40 minutes]

* Suginoi Hotel is approximately 15 minutes by taxi from the Beppu Kitahama bus stop

Suginoi Hotel Access Map

Suginoi Hotel Access MapBeppu's Suginoi Hotel truly has something to offer all travelers. World-class hot springs and spas, family entertainment, and enough dining options to satisfy anyone make Suginoi a can't-miss destination!

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