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May 2007

  • Japan in Motion"100 Yen Shop"

    When the Japanese "bubble economy" of the 1980's collapsed, one of the more interesting developments was the sudden explosion of 100 Yen Shops all across Japan. A nation that had previously spurn...


  • Let's enjoy Matsuri Festival, in Kanto region!

    What is Matsuri? Matsuri is among the most colorful aspects of Japanese life. The original meaning "Matsuri" Implies "to call a God".Japan was originally a county of farmers. They gave offerings and c...


  • A Dream Come True for Manga Lovers!

    Japanese people feel an enormous sense of pride when thinking about Kyoto and its cultural richness. Home to an array of tranquil temples, shrines, and gardens, Kyoto embodies the very essence of trad...


  • Hydrangea

    Hydrangea is a popular flower often seen in "tsuyu" (rainy period in early summer). The plant is native to southern and eastern Asia, where approximately 50 species exist. The Japanese origin specie...



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