Japanese handmade crafts

The other day I went to a Japanese crafts exhibition in the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro. There were a bunch of amazing hand crafted goods from all around Japan on exhibit across a large floor of the store. One of the great things about this exhibition is that you can actually see the craftsmen at work! This is a real chance to experience Japanese culture first-hand. I recommend checking out the food samples and Kashiwa beads!


【Food Samples】

1. The food looks amazing, right?
But these are just samples of what meals look like.You’ll definitely run across some of these during your travels in Japan.These plastic food samples seriously look like the real thing and would make great souvenirs.You can even go and see where they are all made.

2. There were a lot of sweets on sale too. Do you guys like wagashi (Japanese sweets)? Wagashi are low calorie, so they are pretty healthy for you. I’d definitely take home some of my favorite Japanese sweets-as a reminder of my trip.


3. The longer I look at this dish of Happosai the more real it looks. Fresh looking shrimp with the natural gloss of the sauce. If you look too long you’re liable to get hungry. This is just the size of my palm though.

4. Are you on a search for something uniquely Japanese? I recommend this realistic looking postcard! If you put a stamp on them they can actually be sent. I can almost smell the crispy aroma of this ham & egg card!

5. For a small and simple souvenir I recommend this food sample keychain.
There are so many kinds I couldn’t fit them all into the shot. I bet you could find your favorite food somewhere in there. I can spot a panda rice ball.



【Kashiwa Beads】

1. Have you heard of Tokyo, Asakusa’s Kashiwa beads?
Each bead in these wallets is hand sewn, giving each one an amazing glitter that will make you want to buy it with just one look. On top of that, there are a bunch of types and shapes of wallets. They have coin purses and party bags too! It would be cute to use one of them to put your passport into. They have a cool look to them and they’re lighter than I thought they would be.

2. They sew in the beads and cut the thread after each one so if one bead gets pulled off the others won’t. That’s why when the bags are made there are a bunch of strands on the backside of the cloth.

3. You actually get to see the skilled artisan hard at work hand sewing these wallets. I could watch her at work for days, it’s so amazing.



Title:Traditional Craft Exhibition WAZA 2016

Venue:Tobu Department Store, Ikebukuro 8F exhibition space
1-1-25 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
February 18th (Thu)~23rd (Tue), 2016
Closing on the last day at 5pm